Josh Charney

Composer | Performer | Musicologist

"The Shiraz Arts Festival and the Slide Towards Revolution" 

  • To be published in Performing Iran: Cultural Identity and Theatrical Performance, I.B. Tauris Publishers (2019)

  • Presented at Society of Ethnomusicology Southern California and Hawaii Chapter Meeting; University of California, Los Angeles (March 2016)

  • Presented at Intercultural Music (IcM) Conference; University of California, San Diego (Feb. 2016)

“From Atonal to Aleatoric: The Music of Netty Simons"

  • Presented at Eureka! Musical Minds of California Conference; California State University, Fullerton (Feb. 2017)

  • Presented at Society for American Music Annual Conference; Sacramento, CA (March 2015)

  • Presented at American Musicological Society Pacific Southwest Chapter Meeting; San Diego State University (Feb. 2015)

Blue Me, Green Me: A Collection of Poetry for Young Adults by Safoora Nayeri

  • Translated from Farsi by Rokhsareh Charney and Joshua Charney (May 2017)

"Buying and Selling Sounds in San Diego's Golden Triangle"

  • Presented at Hearing Landscape Critically Conference; Harvard University (Jan. 2015)